An Extracted Tooth Requires Some Basic Care During the Recovery Process

Dr. Scott Barnett only uses a dental extraction as a last resort treatment to alleviate pain and prevent further infection from a severely decayed or traumatized tooth. Afterward, he will provide you with any necessary prescriptions for an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, or pain medications.

Maintaining the local gum tissues will go a long way towards speeding the recovery process, while also reducing your chances of suffering a secondary infection.​

Throughout the healing process, it’s best to try to eat soft foods or avoid chewing in that area of your mouth. It’s also best to avoid drinking anything through a straw as it could pull blot clots loose from the incisions.​

It’s perfectly natural the extraction site incision bleeds occasionally for a few days. You can help control the bleeding by biting down lightly on some sterile gauze. Once it has stopped you can gently wash away any lingering blood with a little lukewarm saltwater.​

When all your periodontal tissues have healed and any infection concerns have passed, Dr. Scott Barnett can help you understand your dental restoration options. This often involves installing a dental bridge or a dental implant with a dental crown into the void.​

If you have had a tooth extracted at Dr. Scott Barnett’s clinic in Pell City, Alabama, and you have recovery questions or concerns, you can always call 205-473-0044 to speak to a staff member at Pell City Dental Center PC

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