Oral and Systemic Health – The Link

If you were told that the health of your mouth was an indicator for the health of the rest of your body, you’d likely be pretty surprised – right? After all, how can your mouth give away the health of the rest of your body?

Well, the truth is that if your mouth isn’t healthy, the rest of you likely isn’t either. So let’s look at how that connection is made and why it’s important to keep your oral health in as good shape as possible.​

Gum disease

The most common oral health problem is gum disease. Whether it’s mild gingivitis or full-blown periodontitis, when you have any form of gum disease it means there’s a significant amount of bacteria present in your mouth.

That bacteria can easily cause other health problems. Gum disease, left untreated, has been linked to causing oral cancer, heart disease, and tooth loss. Obviously those aren’t health problem you ever want to have to deal with.​

Bad breath

If you have chronic bad breath, it’s likely a sign that your mouth either isn’t making enough saliva, you’re not brushing correctly, or you’re not ridding your mouth of as much bacteria as you possible could when brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.​

Chronic bad breath can be a sign of an underlying condition, and again the bacteria that cause it can cause other problems for your overall health as well.​

Your oral health will always be an indicator for your systemic health, which is why it’s so important to ensure you keep your mouth in tip-top shape. For tips on how to accomplish that, call us today at 205-473-0044.

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