Sharing Your Toothbrush: What You Should Know

Did you know that brushing and flossing can help you avoid problems like gum disease? Of course, there are a few other problems that could ultimately lead to gum disease. For instance, would you be surprised to hear that sharing your toothbrush could actually leave you more vulnerable to this problem? In fact, sharing your toothbrush can lead to a number of problems.​

You see, if you share a toothbrush, you could also be sharing bacteria that cause gum disease. Sadly, your toothbrush can harbor bad bacteria, especially if the bristles are frayed. Incidentally, we recommend replacing your toothbrush every few months.​

Similarly, please note that a toothbrush can also harbor blood because some people bleed when they clean their teeth. As you may have guessed, this can actually leave you vulnerable to a number of problems, such as blood-borne diseases. Sadly, these diseases include herpes and hepatitis.​

Finally, if you find yourself somewhere without a brush, there are several things you can do instead of borrowing a toothbrush. In fact, using your finger is a better alternative than borrowing a brush. If you’re worried about your breath, try using a mint or mouthwash. Eating an apple can also improve your breath.​

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