Talking About Benzocaine

Sometimes, the pain in your mouth is in a place where it can’t be reached, but often, you can ease your discomfort with a topical pain reliever containing benzocaine. Products with benzocaine can be found in drug and retail stores.

Benzocaine is effective at temporarily relieving discomfort, however, if you are experiencing pain in your mouth, you should contact your dentist for an appointment to address the cause of the pain. Benzocaine has been linked to a condition called methemoglobinemia. This condition is not common, but it is serious since it reduces the amount of oxygen that your bloodstream carries throughout your body. If you use a product with benzocaine and experience shortness of breath, fatigue, an increased heart rate, or anything out of the ordinary, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Children who are teething will suffer from pain in their gums. However, because of the risk of methemoglobinemia, children under the age of two should not be given products containing benzocaine. Instead, give your child a chilled spoon, or a clean, chilled teething ring. Gentle pressure with your finger through a piece of clean gauze can also help your child feel better. You should talk with your doctor and your dentist before giving your child any medication for teething.

If you are dealing with a toothache, don’t rely on temporary measures to solve a permanent problem. To make an appointment with Dr. Scott Barnett at Pell City Dental Center PC in Pell City, Alabama, call 205-473-0044 today.

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