How Effective Is Your Flossing?

Your daily tooth care is vital because the attention you give to your smile will enhance the other steps you take to improve your oral health. You can’t enjoy the beautiful smile you want if you have developed tooth decay or gum disease. Effective flossing helps keep dental issues at bay and develop a more attractive smile.​

When you choose to floss is for you to decide; you can floss before or after brushing but be sure to rinse your mouth after to flush away any lingering particles. Many patients prefer to floss right before bed because they are done eating for the night.​

Flossing efforts remove stray food particles and plaque buildup from areas around the teeth and gums that a toothbrush can’t access. To ensure your flossing is as effective as possible, ask yourself if you are following these steps:​

-Pull out an 18-inch strip of floss and wind it around your middle fingers, creating about an inch-long section to floss with.
-Use a fresh, clean section for each tooth and wrap the used floss around your fingers as you work.
-Start with your top teeth and insert the floss between teeth, sliding it up and down against each tooth. Remember to floss the back of the teeth.
-Create a U-shape around each tooth with the string to floss around your gums.​

While brushing and flossing daily are very simple, they are vital to your oral health. If you have questions about your dental health or are due for your next dental cleaning, please give Pell City Dental Center PC a call at 205-473-0044 today. Our dentist and team at our office in Pell City, Alabama are happy to help you maintain your beautiful smile!


Should You See Your Dentist Only Twice a Year?

Seeing your dentist twice a year for exams is necessary to keep tooth decay and gum disease from invading your smile. Removing tartar is something only your dentist can do using professional tools. Along with brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes, and flossing daily will help you maintain a healthy smile.​

However, sometimes you may notice unusual activity, or there are other circumstances which might necessitate seeing your dentist in between visits. Let’s look at why you might want to call your dental team.

· Pain: Any swelling or pain in the neck, mouth, or face.
· Gums: Bleeding, puffy gums that indicate inflammation.
· Tooth problems: Missing teeth or staining on the teeth that make you embarrassed to smile.
· Previous dental work: Any dental work in the past can develop issues, so if a fillings, implant, denture or crown is acting up, see your dentist.
· Medical conditions: A long-term disease like heart disease, diabetes, or HIV or eating disorders means you should see your dentist to keep an eye out for problems.
· Pregnancy: Your mouth changes when you are pregnant, making you more vulnerable to issues like gum disease.
· Issues: If it hurts to chew or swallow, stay on a soft food or liquid diet until your dentist can check it out.
· Dry mouth: Feeling perpetually thirsty, or having a dry mouth is not normal.
· Tobacco use: Regularly using tobacco (smoking, chewing, etc.) exposes you to higher oral risks.
· Jaw pain: Chronic pain when you open or close your mouth, chew, or wake up after sleeping should be addressed.
· Oral Lesions: Sores in the mouth lasting ten or more days may need to be checked out.​

For questions or concerns about your smile, please call 205-473-0044 and speak to a member of our dental team. Our dentist, Dr. Scott Barnett at Pell City Dental Center PC in Pell City, Alabama looks forward to helping you with all your oral care needs.